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A popular hybrid, often found naturally in North America where both parents grow together, this is one of the few more common examples that can colour-up completely in deep maroon-red when grown in full sun. The contrast of the mature pitchers against newer ones or those still forming can be rewarding, the latter often adopting an almost orange hue at times as they progress from pale red/pink.

The pitchers tend to grow semi-vertically and can reach about one foot in length when grown well, although they can appear almost semi-recumbent under the weight of caught insects. The plant has a tendency to clump over time and several plants in a large container is a sight to behold. Carnivorous foliage is retained all-year round.

Fully hardy; keep wet when in full growth by standing in soft-water continuously; at all other times keep just damp and remove any dead/brown foliage as apparent.

Repot in THRIVE™ + the following size pot when applicable:

7cm > 10cm square or 10cm Decorative

10cm > 13cm square or 13cm Decorative

13cm > 20.5cm Decorative

Sent potted, in either a 7cm square pot, a 10cm Decorative pot or a 13cm Decorative pot, these are from division. Supplied with a full-colour printed identification label, which includes basic cultural details.

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