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Native to Ireland and parts of Europe, this species has also long been naturalised in Cornwall & Derbyshire and is the largest of our U.K. native Pinguicula. There are known forms with different coloured flowers, but this type form has rich violet purple blooms borne on scapes 3-7 inches tall, which are about an inch long and almost as wide, with long spurs and resemble small Gloxinia's; very showy - especially when grown in large colonies. The flowers are borne only in Spring & last weeks rather than months.

The leaves are typically up to 5" long and 1" or so wide, though can appear narrower as they are often found curled over at the edges to protect small prey catches.

Fully hardy in the U.K., this does best when grown outside all-year-round, stood in a small amount of soft-water at all times. May also be grown under glass in a cool,well ventilated greenhouse when protected from strong sunlight and can be treated as a houseplant in a south-facing window provided it is given a cold winter dormancy.

Repot during winter when the plant is dormant, using THRIVE™ + a 10cm Decorative Pot when applicable.

Supplied potted in a 7cm square pot, with a full-colour printed identification label, which includes basic cultural details.

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