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This aesthetically pleasing container is ideal for growing groups of Sarracenia - or even individual specimen-size examples. We've grown up to 8 pitcher-plants at a time in these with no need to repot/split for at least 4 growing seasons. A massive 2 Litre water reserve ensures your plants have water available, even if you go away for a few days and the 3 apertures in the base are large enough to facilitate ease of refilling, even from a watering can.

U.V. stabilised, in an attractive pine-green colour, this is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and is strong, durable and reusable.

Dimensions: 26.4cm x 23.5cm. Volume: 6 Litre (Pot); 2 Litre (Water Reserve). Material: 5PP - Polypropylene (Recyclable).

Available singly or in multiples.

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