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The largest of our three U.K. native sundew species, which despite its specific name is relatively scarce in England now, though common enough in Scotland. The leaves can exceed 7.5cm in length, with the paddle-shaped blades merging seamlessly into the leafstalks. Given good light, the trapping tentacles will assume a bright red colour which contrasts vividly with the green of the blade and as summer progresses the whole blade can turn deep red when subjected to enough consistent sunlight. The traps themselves can completely enfold prey where necessary; movement in this species is not restricted to just the tentacles.

The small white flowers arise from the centre of the rosette and are borne on scapes up to 15cm tall.

Fully hardy, this species is best grown outdoors all year round and prefers a high water table, though in practice it will be quite happy standing in an inch or so of soft water. Greenhouse/indoor conditions can inhibit formation of the winter-resting buds the plant dies-down to in the Autumn, or hinder the emergence of new growth the following Spring.

Repot in THRIVE™ + 10cm Decorative Pot when applicable.

Mature plants, supplied potted in a 7cm square pot, with a full-colour printed identification label, which includes basic cultural details.

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