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The famous plant that Charles Darwin once called "The most wonderful plant in the World".

Contrary to popular opinion, these are easy to grow, provided a few simple guidelines are adhered to. Dionaea are sun-lovers, therefore require as much light as they can get - a greenhouse, south-facing windowsill or similar is ideal. We have also grown them outside without issue in the English Midlands, and there was an introduced population in the New Forest that thrived for many years, so they're pretty hardy, also.

We recommend removing the flower-stalks on these for the first two summers - flowering can weaken the plant so it's advisable to not let this happen until well established in your own environment. The pale white flowers are relatively inconspicuous to most, so the loss is not great, unless required for seeding, which requires cross-pollination.

Stand in half to 1cm of soft water during the growing season (March-October). Use a saucer considerably wider than the pot to create good relative humidity around the plant. They like a cold,dormant season whereby much foliage will die-off and this should be removed diligently - watering should be reduced until new growth starts in the following spring; keep the medium just damp by only using sufficient water that can be absorbed fully; never stand the pot in a permanent reservoir at this time.

Mature plants supplied in 7cm square pot, adequate for at least 1 further growing season.

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