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Not only are these high-quality, gloss-finish pine-green bowls exceptionally strong, they're also attractive enough to grace any windowsill. With their novel 'octagon' shape they provide an aesthetically acceptable finish to your chosen plant. Each has ample bottom drainage holes to facilitate water uptake.

Available singly or in multiples.

Product SpecificationsVolume (Litres)
12cm x 6.5cm0.55 PP (Polypropylene)
16cm x 6.5cm0.95 PP (Polypropylene)
18cm x 9.5cm1.65 PP (Polypropylene)
20.5cm x 14.2cm3.05 PP (Polypropylene)

These are delightfully compact planters/window boxes that can be used to make an arrangement of  growing plants; for example, perhaps, 3 juvenile or Semi-mature Sarracenia, which, depending on the variety, will grow happily undisturbed for upto 2 growing seasons and this is a great solution for showing them off.

A subtle pine-green colour allows this to be displayed tastefully on any windowsill. U.V. stabilised to minimise the possibility of colour-fading, this product is rigid, strong and durable and has ample multi-level drainage holes in its base to prevent waterlogging.

Dimensions: 18.5cm x 9.7cm x 8.1cm. Volume: 0.95 Litres. Material: 5PP - Polypropylene (Recyclable).

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