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A famed and desirable hybrid created by celebrated breeder Matt Soper, in honour of his wife., this delightful plant has been awarded the Award of Garden Merit (A.G.M.) by the Royal Horticultural Society (R.H.S.).

With tall pitchers that initially display white tops with subtle green and pink veining, over time the pink colour gradually seeps across the upper pitcher and lid until it becomes dominant and deep. Making a super display when it clumps up, this popular hybrid is a great starter plant and can be grown indoors in a very sunny window, under glass, or out of doors as it is fully hardy in the U.K., making it also ideal for a bog garden subject.

Remove all dead/brown foliage as it occurs and stand in a saucer of soft-water during the growing season, reducing watering during the colder dormant period so the growing medium is just damp.

Repot in THRIVE™ + the following size pot when applicable:

7cm > 10cm square or 10cm Decorative

10cm > 13cm square or 13cm Decorative

13cm > 20.5cm Decorative

Sent potted, in either a 7cm square pot, a 10cm Decorative pot or a 13cm Decorative pot, these are from division. Supplied with a full-colour printed identification label, which includes basic cultural details.

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