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There are several distinct & named varieties of this species; this is classed as the 'typical' form and is characterised by tall pitchers to about 60cm, sometimes more, with a modest amount of red veining/colouration, typically in the throat and hood areas, and whilst the splotch of intense red that can develop on the throat is often a striking feature, the red colouration in this form is never dominant as it can be in others.

The pitchers can be green to greenish yellow and occasionally true pale yellow, in good sun. The flowers tend to be large and are borne singly on stems though there may be several per plant, depending on age/maturity. Borne in spring, just as the first pitchers are developing, these can be showy, and some possess a distinct 'cat-pee' aroma! S. flava forms have always been very popular and make ideal starter subjects.

Hardy in the U.K. so may be grown outside in a container or bog-garden but also makes a splendid houseplant when situated in a conservatory or very sunny window - helps to keep wasps & houseflies at bay, too!

Remove all dead foliage as it occurs and stand in soft water throughout the summer, reducing watering during the dormant period so the growing medium is just damp. The plant will lose its pitchers in the Autumn as it approaches dormancy.

Repot in THRIVE™ + the following size pot when applicable:

7cm > 10cm square or 10cm Decorative

10cm > 13cm square or 13cm Decorative

13cm > 20.5cm Decorative

Sent potted, in either a 7cm square pot, a 10cm Decorative pot or a 13cm Decorative pot. Supplied with a full-colour printed identification label, which includes basic cultural details.

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