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The most widely distributed of the cooler temperate-region Sundews, D. rotundifolia is found in North America, Europe, Russia and Asia, often in vast numbers, more often than not rooting in amongst Sphagnum moss.

Arranged in a rosette, the leaf-blades are almost perfectly round, hence the common-name, and are slightly dished. These are borne on flat stalks, and in the early season are ground-hugging, though as the summer approaches new growth can grow off the ground as flying insect prey become more abundant. The foliage is initially green and indeed will stay as such unless exposed to consistent really good light levels with a lot of sun, whereby they can, as they age, develop a reddish hue, sometimes even turning entirely deep red.

The small, white flowers are borne on a short stem that arises from the side of the rosette. As with all native U.K. Sundews, this species dies down to a small winter resting bud in late summer/early autumn.

Best grown out of doors, however a well ventilated coldframe or cold greenhouse is also acceptable. If grown under glass, keep just damp during the winter and only increase watering considerably once again in full growth. Protect the crown from water dripping off greenhouse glass. Both precautions guard against fungal attack whilst the plant re-establishes itself.

Repot in THRIVE™ + 10cm Decorative Pot when applicable.

Mature plants, supplied potted in a 7cm square pot, with a full-colour printed identification label, which includes basic cultural details.

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