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A giant amongst sundews, when given the room, this magnificent example can grow leaves that reach over 20cm in total and will eventually form large impressive clumps. The leaf-blades typically divide twice, thus forming four ‘points’, somewhat resembling an ‘H’, though occasional variance can result in between 2 and 8 points. The numerous white flowers are comparatively large for Drosera and are borne on stems that exceed the height of the foliage.

Native to eastern Australia, Tasmania & New Zealand, most varieties in this complex will tolerate the odd cold-snap; this particular strain is no exception and likes to die down to its roots in winter for dormancy, resuming active growth again in the spring. Although we have found it will tolerate a reasonable degree of frost, we would recommend keeping it frost-free, with reduced watering ensuring the growing medium is kept just damp at such times. During the active growth period they should be stood in soft water continuously.

Makes a great subject for a larger hanging basket in due course.

Repot in THRIVE™ + 20.5cm Decorative Bowl when applicable.

Supplied potted in a 13cm, 1 Litre Decorative Pot, suitable for a further 1-2 growing seasons. A full-colour printed identification label, which incorporates basic cultural details, is included.

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