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The first pre-mixed peat-free solution specifically formulated for growing carnivorous plants of multiple genera.

Our 'hero' product, THRIVE™ is the ecological answer to traditional peat-based mixes that carnivorous-plant growers have been hoping for. THRIVE™ has been thoroughly nursery-tested and is used to grow all our stock - every plant we sell arrives with you growing in THRIVE™.

THRIVE™ is an exclusive blend of premium-quality constituents which is clean & pleasant to handle. The formula helps to replicate the natural growing environment of the plant whilst not contributing to the destruction of peat-bogs, where a large proportion of the world's carnivorous plants are found naturally.

Used & trusted by thousands of consumers since first being commercially launched in 1998, THRIVE™ incorporates the following features/benefits:

  • Compatible with all commonly grown genera of carnivorous plants at all life-stages - from seed to specimen;
  • Totally peat-free for ecologically sound cultivation;
  • Free from fertilisers
  • Trialled and used professionally;
  • Suitable for seed raising & propagation;
  • As effective with subjects that require free-draining substrate as it is with those that require boggy conditions;
  • With good plant & watering management, THRIVE™ can facilitate results comparable to and often superior to those attained with peat-based mixes;
  • Superior re-wetting & water-uptake properties versus peat-based mixes;
  • Superior water distribution & availability of water to plant roots - can reduce watering frequency & lessen water-depth requirements for those subjects stood in water trays/saucers & watered from below.

We currently supply THRIVE™ in four different pack sizes to cater for the needs of most growers. The smallest size pack (120 Grams) is ideal for seed-sowing or repotting of a single plant; the largest pack (10 Litres) will permit you to repot several - should you require further guidance, please e-mail us.

Each pack has basic product information and usage guidance on the reverse.

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